Students and Mentorship


Now that colleges are back in session and we’re getting used to this new virtual world of communication, we are kicking off our next mentoring program.  We’ve had interest in the program the past two years and matched some great mentor/mentee relationships.  Mentees include HR students from Blackhawk Technical College and UW Whitewater, as well as HR professionals that are newer to the profession.  The program is coordinated by Jennifer Revels, HR Consultant and owner of Revels Consulting LLC, and BHRA’s Workforce Readiness Director.  There is a simple application form (for mentees and mentors) that can be completed to be considered for the program.  We hope to kickoff the next program by late October.  Once we have all of our participants, we’ll hold a kickoff virtual event to allow mentors and mentees to meet and get to know one another while receiving more information about how to make the relationship a success.

Students can apply for the program through their student chapter or BHRA and then are paired with professional mentors that meet their geographical and professional development needs.   Newer HR professionals can also enroll in the program to be matched with a more senior HR professional.  We hope to see this program develop HR professionals in our area and help them reach their career goals. It would be great to see them attend and participate in BHRA programs and future leadership opportunities. 

If you have interest in becoming a mentee or mentor, please email Jennifer at [email protected].  We hope to see the program grow and gain new participants each year.  We will do our best to match our mentors and mentees based on geography and/or special interest areas.


To complete a Mentor application, click here!

To complete a Mentee application, click here!