Finding and Building Talent for Your Workforce

Sep. 17, 2020

Finding and Building Talent for Your Workforce
As your Workforce Readiness Director, I wanted to share some information about local resources that might be helpful for you to build and develop your workforce. First and foremost, below is a link to an excellent guide recently launched by a cooperative effort from Rock County 5.0, local chambers and local colleges and high schools.  It will give you many resources for connecting with various adult and youth programs to build awareness about your business and help you build your talent pipeline:
Some specific youth readiness programs we want to highlight include CareerTek's "First Career" program - they are looking for local organizations that have entry level positions that are hard to fill or have little applicant flow to pair them with current high school seniors who are looking for their first career and not taking the college track. CareerTek will provide support throughout their senior year and assist with job matching.  CareerTek is also seeking speakers to discuss specific career areas and resources to find out what employers need so they can help provide appropriate support and training to their students. Contact info for Derrick Carter at Hendricks CareerTek can be found in page 3 of the above guide under Career Academies & Camps.
Finally, here are some SHRM Foundation programs that are available and open to members AND non-members of SHRM to provide you toolkits that could help you tap into various talent pools, such as:
Individuals with Criminal Backgrounds:
Individuals with Disabilities:
I plan to launch a survey to find out which positions or skills you struggle to find matches for in your workplaces to see if we can pursue partnerships with any of the local organizations listed in the Workplace Talent Pipeline Guide to put together any supporting programs or initiatives that might benefit our members.  If you have other ideas, or want to join a committee to help with these efforts, please contact me at [email protected].
Jennifer Revels